Moisturizes and tones the skin in a flash.
Absorbed by the skin anytime, anywhere!

Glacier Spray
All-natural, pure and fresh spring water spray

Ultra-fine spray
Quick penetration to the skin for maximum hydration

Dry weather, Sensitive, Eczema attacks
Simply spray. It works!

Handy size to take on the plane
To moisturioze the skin in the cabin
Whenever the skin needs a drink

Hydration when flying

Hydrated and youthful looking skin
24 hours of the day

Glacier Spray
• Moisturizing • Refreshing
• Hypoallergenic

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Product Specifications

dotdot.. Glacier Spray is rich in minerals. The spring water renders the skin smooth and soft. The ultrafine spray enables the spring water to penetrate the skin quickly for instant hydration and effective in soothing skin irritation. The handy bottle is easy to carry around for application anytime of the day.

Selling Point
Moisturizing, refreshing, hypoallergenic

Glacier Spray Experience
• Skincare | Apply Glacier Spray after cleansing and night cream to boost absorption of the night cream.

• Makeup | After cleansing and moisturizer, apply Glacier Spray to face. When dry, apply BB cream and foundation for a natural dewy finish and lasting hydration.

• Hand Treatment | Apply Glacier Spray to hands anytime for non-greasy, silky, supple, and comfortable feeling.

• Hypo-allergenic | Apply Glacier Spray for immediate hydration to reduce the discomfort caused by sensitive skin, eczema and acne.

• Penetration | After cleansing the face, apply Glacier Spray before your hydrating mask to boost the effect of firming and brightening.

• Oil Control | Apply Glacier Spray to the T zone to actively reduce sebum secretion and minimize pores.


  • Silicon: 418.5ppm
  • Iron: 0mg
  • Magnesium: 0mg
  • Manganese: 0mg
  • Phosphorus: 1.43mg
  • Sodium: 29.35mg

Product comparison

International Accreditation

●SGS Testing Report


Wash hands thoroughly, close eyes, spray face about 20cm away, wait for a moment before patting gently for better absorption.


Product: Glacier Spray

Content: 60ml

Weight: 140g

Dimensions: 53mm(L) x 83mm(W) x 150mm(H)

Shelf Life: 3 years. Use within 3 months after opening

Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not use if the packaging is damaged.

Country of Origin: Germany

Q & A

  1. Q: Why use Glacier Spray?
    A: Glacier Spray is spring water rich in minerals extremely beneficial to skin for hydration, oil control and natural protection.
  2. Q: Why Glacial Spray is called milk in Chinese?
    A: Glacier spring is found in an all-white environment. It runs like a stream of milk. Hence the name.
  3. Q: How come there are less finger prints on the phone after using Glacier Spray?
    A: Owing to the oil control effect of Glacier Spray, less finger prints are seen.
  4. Q: Can babies use the spray?
    A: Yes. Suitable for use on babies’ skin, sensitive skin and eczema
  5. Q: Is Glacier Spray suitable for skin with eczema?
    A: Yes. Skin with eczema feels itchy easily. The spray gives great relief.
  6. Q: Can Glacier spray be used for makeup?
    A: Use the spray before makeup to priming the skin from the harmful effect of makeup products. Use it after makeup to fix the foundation and to keep the face looking fresh longer.
  7. Q: Is it all right if the Glacier Spray gets in the eyes?
    A: Glacier Spray does not harm the eyes.
  8. Q: Is it harmful if Glacier Spray is ingested?
    A: There is no harm if Glacier Spray is ingested. However, if there is any discomfort, please drink plenty of water.
  9. Q: How do you describe the sensation of Glacier Spray on the hands?
    A: The spray has no smell or taste. It feels like a pair of invisible gloves on your hands giving a sensation of silkiness and softness.
  10. Q: Why is Glacier Spray so good to use?
    A: The size is handy to carry around for use anytime of the day.
  11. Q: Can Glacier Spray be used on pimples?
    A: Yes. It will help pimples to fade away and offers a cooling sensation.
  12. Q: Can Glacier Spray be used on face with acne?
    A: Yes. It will improve the condition of the skin, making it easier to apply makeup and the makeup to last longer.
  13. Q: Can Glacier Spray be used on sensitive and itchy skin?
    A: Yes. The minerals in the Glacier Spray is beneficial to sensitive and itchy skin like spring water.
  14. Q: Can Glacial Spray be used when applying masks?
    A: Yes. It boosts the effect of the masks, therefore reducing the frequency of application, saving time and money.
  15. Q: Can Glacier Spray be used after applying serum?
    A: Yes. It will enhance the effect of the serum giving better results.
  16. Q: Can Glacier Spray be used on the hair?
    A: Yes. It is a very good conditioner, helping the hair to become stronger and more beautiful.
  17. Q: How long does a bottle of Glacier Spray last?
    A: Each bottle contains 60ml. It depends on how much and how often it is used.
  18. Q: Is Glacier Spray suitable for everybody?
    A: Yes. Newborn babies. Suitable for anyone from 2 months old.
  19. Q: What is the difference between the silicon in shampoo and Glacier Spray?
    A: The silicon in shampoo is solid silicon in powder form which is not suitable for human consumption, but for prolonging the shelf life.

The silicon in Glacier Spray is a food grade water-soluble silicon. It is a micronutrient beneficial to the body and skin. For example, hot springs and quality mineral water contain water-soluble silicon.

Water-soluble silicon is a hundred times more expensive than solid silicon in powder form.

Hydrated and youthful looking skin

24 hours of the day!

Timeless Boundaries
Use anytime of the day and anywhere



Spray after cleansing and moisturizer for retexturing the skin. When dry, apply BB cream and makeup for long lasting effect.

protect hands

Before noon

Spray on hands and rub gently to feel silky, supple, and comfortable without grease and oil.



Spray on face to soothe skin with itchiness, irritation, eczema, and pimples.

oil control


Spray on the T zone for oil control of skin that is prone to excess sebum secretion. Helps to minimize pores.



After cleansing, spray on face before applying hydrating / brightening mask to enhance the effect.


Before Sleep

After cleansing, apply Glacier Spray to intensify the effect of the night cream.

"Hydrated and youthful looking skin
24 hours of the day!"

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