German Collagen 20 Sachets Per Box

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dotdot German Collagen. Repair damaged cartilage. Best for a trial experience.

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German Collagen 1 box/20 packs had a total of 112 reviews

  1. Lan (Purchased)

    As expected, no mistake

  2. Guy (Purchased)

    It really helps!

  3. Rong Shao


  4. Apin


  5. Lulu (Purchased)

    very good

  6. Kaki (Purchased)


  7. Pang Ling (Purchased)

    I feel much better after 2 months of treatment.

  8. royshek (Purchased)


  9. Connie Wong (Purchased)

    A one-month treatment improves my flexibility!

  10. Ki Ki (Purchased)

    Try left 3 boxes, firm

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