Liquid Silicon丨1 Box

Made in Japan丨30ml x 1 Bottle Per Box

Liquid Silicon | 1 Box / 1 Bottle / 30ml

All natural. Effective for revascularization and beating the Three Highs


546 positive reviews

HK$ 939

(Original price:$989 )

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Liquid Silicon / Treatment

  • Must-have Item For Treating Three Highs

    A few drops a day, keeps the doctor away


    Average $782 Per Box (Saving $157 Per Box)

    Online Offer: $100 off upon purchase of $5,000 or above.

  • Prevent the Three Highs


    Average $751 Per Box (Saving $188 Per Box)

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  • Congratulations!


    Average $736 Per Box (Saving $203 Per Box)

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  • Out Health is priceless. Invest while you can


    Average $722 Per Box (Saving $217 Per Box)

    Special Offer: $800 discount upon spending $80,000 or above
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Liquid Silicon / Set

Liquid Silicon / Set

  • $939

    Pass through, loose one loose

  • $1,878

    Giving the Gift of a Blessing

  • $2,817

    All Natural. Prevent the Three Highs.

A gift of wealth

Liquid Silicon | VIP Kit - Buy 100 Get 30 FREE (Total 130 Boxes)

Liquid Silicon ∣ 2 Boxes


Giving the Gift of a Blessing

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Customer Reviews

Mr. Chan

Reduce swelling fast with German Collagen and Liquid Silicon!



Fat grain around the eyes become less and less


Ms. Cheung

I'm taking long-term medication and could encounter allergies when ate certain food. A few drops of Liquid Silicon with warm water could help ease the symptoms.



After a course of treatment, the levels are lower.



Have been drinking it for more than a month and the lupus flares are gone.



It's good! Like magic


Mr. Wong

Better pooping, less chest pain


Miss Ho

No more coughing at night


Ms. Wong

The cold won't bother me again


Mr. Lam

I don't need blood thinners anymore


Ms. Chan

More urination, less swelling


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