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Gigi Chan

Now my mother can sleep through the night and feel her best with better skin after using German Apple.


Mrs Lam

My mother was unable to stay asleep more than 4 hours at night, but after taking 2 packs of German Apple everyday before 7pm, she now can fall asleep easily and wake up at least 6 hours later💤



Now I can fall asleep easily and sleep deeply after taking German Apple. In the morning I feel my best and stay productive all day.



Thank you German Apple for helping me beat insomnia.


Ms. Tse

Tried 3 boxes of German Collagen and 2 boxes of German Apple, and now I get better health and sleep.


Miss Mak

I didn't want to try German Apple at first, thinking it was no different from sleeping pills. After knowing it's all natural, I give it a try and it improves my sleep quality a lot👍


Miss Lam

I often go to bed at two or three o'clock in the morning. Though it's not hard for me to fall asleep, I always feel tired when I wake up. My friend suggests taking a German Apple five to six hours before sleep. After a few days, my sleep quality is significantly improved so I can do well in school👍👍👍



I drink a cup of dotdot Akazien Honey with warm water every day before bed. It helps me to fall asleep while removing toxic substances from my body.


Miss Chan

Much better than taking sleeping pills.


Jessica Cch

I have tried German Apple for 2 days, now I fall asleep more quickly. It really helps improve my sleep quality that I can sleep through the night without waking up one single time! I will definitely recommend it to my friends.


Miss Mak

I didn't want to try German Apple at first, thinking it was no different from sleeping pills. After knowing it's all natural, I give it a try and it improves my sleep quality a lot👍


Miko Chan

Taking a week of German Apple makes me sleep better at night. My skin also becomes more radiant than before with acne, scar marks and pores barely visible.


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  1. user

    Very Good!!!

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"From sleepless night to sleepless nights"

Easily get sick. Cancers. Hair loss.

Tired out. Fuzzy-headed. Bad-tempered.


For Light Sleepers

For a long time I had woken up tired as I was a light sleeper.

On the first day I took German Apple, I slept well at night and woke up in the morning in good spirits.

After taking it for a week, my breath became smoother and I felt good having deep sleep.

I had friends who have suffered from insomnia for a long time. They tried all methods like drinking hot milk, aromatherapy products, essential oils, steam eye masks, etc. But none could solve their sleeping problem.

German Apple is the only natural solution that works. By taking a tablet each in the morning and evening, they can sleep tight again! One German Apple a day, sleep your way to brighter skin.


Improving Skin

After I have taken a whole box, my sleep quality improved much and even the skin became healthier. The wrinkles, spots and pores on my face became less visible. I woke up with rosy cheeks and was full of energy every day. After half a month of taking German Apple I get not only good sleep but also good skin! It is so amazing that even my friends praised how great I look. Not even expensive skin care products can help me achieve such results and I will definitely keep having German Apple in the future.


The Rebellious Me

Doubting if it can be as effective as sleeping pills, I also tried a tablet that day. Believe me, I did fall asleep quickly at about 11 o'clock and woke up only the next morning.


Forced to stay awake

Do you have insomnia, light sleep, excessive dreaming and loud snoring? The shop assistant introduced German Apple to me after he knew that I could not sleep well as my family member could hardly sleep tight and had snoring that often woke me up.

After I tried it myself for 2 days, it made my bowel movements much easier the next day... and this guy slept like a pig. Taking it for several days improved his sleep quality and he could stay asleep until the morning. He was also less likely to snore so I can have a good night's sleep finally.

People who snore can feel the effects of German Apple within a few days. Not only it helps you sleep well, but also improves your skin and helps you stay focus. Its ingredients are all natural and made in Germany so I will definitely introduce it to my friends.


Sleeping Aids for Moms

I was a light sleeper and tried taking sleeping pills, but I will feel dizzy and have shaky hands the next day. Yesterday I took 2 tablets of German Apple which are made of natural corn. The sleeping time is prolonged and even if I wake up I am able to fall back asleep easily.

My grandmother is over 80 but healthy. She plays Tai Chi in the morning, but sometimes suffers from insomnia. She is always a light sleeper, now she is older it’s even harder for her getting back to sleep. Sometimes she would take some sleeping pills but we were strongly against it.

A week earlier, I saw this natural sleeping aid, even with its capsule made of corn! My mother bought one to try it out. She had a dreamless sleep that night and would not wake up with a dizzy head! My boss bought me two boxes to try and I will give them all to my mom.


Get More Deep Sleep

After taking a whole box, it gradually increases my amount of deep sleep! My friend told me that I should take a tablet in the morning and evening each for the best results. He said it could take effect quickly if having 2 tablets at a time. Now he no longer suffers from insomnia!

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